Puna Weather

Sunday 14th July 2024

Mostly dry today through the upcoming week.

Next weekend could be the beginning of a pattern of more humidity and more showers too.

Light to moderate northeast Trade winds are expected for another week or more.

Persistent ridging aloft supports a low and well defined inversion keeping us mostly dry through Friday.

I'm watching a pair of tropical waves embedded in the ITCZ (1st chart). The 1st wave is due to pass by next weekend (2nd chart) with some increase in low level moisture forecast for Hawaii island. A weak trough aloft helps to lift and weaken our inversion for thicker clouds. The combination of these 2 features adds up to windward showers.

Tropical wave 2 is due to pass by in around 10 days (3rd chart). This wave is likely to be more amplified than tropical wave 1 with more moisture being pulled north from near the equator. The NHC has recently increased the chances for this wave to develop a tropical low to 20%. If any low does develop it will have to contend with <26C sea surface temperatures to its north and high shear to its west, making it little or no threat to us. Deep tropical moisture could bring enhanced rainfall, but it's too early to tell if the moisture will move over us or slide by to either our north or south.