Puna Weather

Wednesday 19th June 2024

Cloudy, but mostly dry most areas through early Friday.

Late Friday into early Sunday a bit more humidity and a few showers.

Back to mostly dry beginning late Sunday.

Winds light to moderate and mostly from the northeast.

Through the forecast period areas from Glenwood to Volcano could see more persistent light showers, especially during the afternoons.

Extensive area of clouds to our east, but stable conditions aloft are keeping rainfall totals lighter than normal.

Late Friday through early Sunday a band of enhanced low level moisture associated with an old frontal boundary (1st chart) brings a bump in humidity and some showers. A ridge aloft over our island (2nd chart) limits cloud heights to 8,000' limiting rainfall.

Sea surface temperatures continue to run cooler than normal to our southeast (3rd chart). Good news because cooler waters lead to less tropical storm activity.